Monday, February 16, 2015

Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon 2

Hey guys!  I finally got to see HTTYD 2 last week (I got the Blu-Ray of both the HTTYD movies and a DVD copy of Beauty and the Beast for my birthday.  So excited!) But anyway, I'm probably one of the very last people to get a movie review up for this puppy, but hey. 

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I'm just going to go on ahead and post spoilers; the movie's been out on DVD since November-ish.  The storyline is superb; one  of the best sequels I've ever seen.  No plot holes, no sense of "they're just doing this for the money and didn't even think this through".  It gives a wonderful backstory and even explains Hic's scar!  The movie shows a wonderful message of how trust is everything, including the strong bond between a human and an animal.  There are plenty of foreshadowing events that you pick up on once you watch it a second time, and it's fascinating.  I love that Valka actually looks like Hiccup, because it was one loose end tied up nicely -- plus, Valka!  I also love how Hiccup and Astrid's relationship is evolving, but not too fast or too slow.  It's just a comfortable kind of friendship/girlfriend/boyfriend relationship and it's great. 

Holy crumbs, the animation.   I just sat and ooh-ed and awe-d at the TV for the majority of the film.  The graying hairs, the fur pieces, the dragons, how everyone is shown at the appropriate ages and they actually look like themselves...GAH.  Perfection. 

Soundtrack:  I'm a sucker for soundtracks like this.  Scottish/Celtic-type soundtracks like this will automatically get a 11/10 score from me, but this one was amazing.  Plus, the actual songs sung are great and actually feel great for the movie. 

Cast:  I was so excited to hear that the original cast was coming back.  One big mistake with movie companies is that when they reprise a role for a sequel or prequel, they can't/don't get the original cast back.  The fact that Jay, America, Gerard, etc. came back is amazing and I really hope they're still on for the third movie! 

Overall, I would give How to Train Your Dragon 2 a 10/10.  It was very well-thought-out and I hope the third one is as well-made as the first two were!  Have any of you seen HTTYD 2?  Plan to see it?? 


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