Saturday, June 29, 2013

Disney Toddler Merida doll review

Hi everyone!  This'll be a review about the [adorable] Disney Toddler Merida doll. 
I got her for sale, I think, for about $15 plus shipping.  The Disney Store offers her for sale usually around the same price as the Disney Animators Collection dolls.  So anyway, let's get to the lovely redheaded lass!  

Her she is.  She's around 14 inches tall, and comes wearing white tights, blue plastic shoes, and a blue and gold dress similar to the one in the movie.  She has curly red hair, blue eyes, freckles, HUGE ears, and a smirk that just says 'trouble'.  

To keep her hair out of her face on the one side, I crammed a bobby pin in that huge mass of hair and hoped for the best :P  

This is what her hair looks like out of the bobby pin.  You'd think her hair would be horribly crusty with gel, but it's actually kind of soft.  At first, yeah it has some crust to it, but it's still nice (And I cannot stand dolls with heavily gelled hair :D)

I think she would be beyond ADORABLE with her hair back in a ponytail - I haven't attempted it yet, for fear of ruining her curls.  This is not a doll that can be brushed!
Onto the articulation.  She has stiff arms and legs, but her head moves...


To the right

And to the left.

She can sit with her legs spread, and she can move her arms up.

She has pretty blue eyes, cute freckles, and a smirk.

She has gold painted-on underwear.  (I actually just noticed this.  Ya learn something new every day! :P)

This is the back view of her hair.  

Overall, I would definitely recommend her.  $25 isn't too awful expensive, especially if you consider the fact that these are really nice quality dolls that, in my opinion, are collector quality!  She is absolutely ADORABLE and reflects Merida's personality well.  Actually, I would recommend ANY of the Disney Animators' Collection dolls - they are so cute.  I only have the 1st edition Rapunzel, and Merida, (who isn't truly from the Disney Animators' Collection), but if their quality and cuteness reflects anything close to what the actual Animators' Collection line is, I would definitely jump on the chance to get one (or two.  Or three.  Or all of them.  :P)

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