Friday, May 31, 2013

Mattel Rapunzel & Disney Classic Wedding Rapunzel clothing swap :D

Well, for my story yesterday, I had to switch clothes on my Rapunzels anyway, so I decided to take a couple of pictures to show how different the two look with their clothes swapped!  (Click HERE to see the picture story).
It's kind of amazing how different a doll can look just by swapping clothes!
(They both look adorable in their original outfits anyway!)
Doesn't the brunette Rapunzel look pretty in the purple dress?  I was just looking at her again this morning and was thinking about how that dress made her face paint (lips and eyes) really pop!  The blond Rapunzel looks pretty nice in the wedding dress as well!  
I am surprised that the clothes fit them.  The Mattel Rapunzel is more petite and slim than the Disney Classic Wedding Rapunzel; I wasn't expecting the Mattel dress to even Velcro shut - but thankfully it did!  

Maybe I'll have to do three-way clothes swaps between these two Rapunzels and Merida.  I wonder what she'd look like in the wedding dress?  It would go against her whole character in Brave, though...She might tear it in order to shoot a bow - lol :D  

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Story blog!

Hi everyone!
I just started a picture story blog, "Life of a Disney Gal".  It'll be with my Disney dolls. Feel free to check it out; I have a story posted already!
Life of a Disney Gal .
Thanks & I hope you enjoy!  If you have any story ideas for me to try using Merida & Rapunzel (I can use my Animators' collection Rapunzel & Merida as well) please feel free to leave a comment and I'll try it out and will acknowledge you in the story as the idea giver :D

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

100+ page views!!

Hi everyone!
Very excited today - I just saw that I have reached 100 page views - 102 to be precise!  Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who pokes around on my blog, lol! (=

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cleaning doll vinyl the easy way!

Hi everyone!
So I finally got around to making another post. This one won't be about my personal collection; it will be about how to clean your doll's vinyl - a really easy method!

It is a good idea to clean your doll's vinyl once in awhile just to keep her looking like new.
Things you'll need -
* Baking Soda
*Warm water
*Washcloth or paper towel
* 2 bowls
Precautions - please read before proceeding!!
1. If your doll has a soft torso (AG, Gotz, etc.) - Never, ever get the cloth wet. The wet spot will most likely leave a mark that you will not be able to remove!
2. Don't get any water or baking soda in the doll's eyes.  If the eyes are painted on, don't clean them - they might be cleaned OFF - which is not good at all.
3. Don't get the doll too wet - it's just a pain to get her clean and make sure there's no residue left, etc.
How to:
1. Put your doll's hair up into a ponytail, if it is long enough to do so.  This will keep her hair from getting wet.
2. Dump a bit of baking soda into a bowl of warm water.  It doesn't necessarily matter how much - if your doll is pretty clean, just a little bit will do, where if she has marks on her vinyl, you will need to use a bit more.
3. Stir the baking soda/water solution to get it mixed a bit.
4. Take your washcloth or paper towel and dip it into your bowl of baking soda/water.  Squeeze any excess out until you just have a damp cloth.
5. Wipe your doll's vinyl down with your damp cloth.  If you come across any marks, etc., get a little bit of dry baking soda and dab onto the vinyl (be sure the area is wet enough that the baking soda will make a paste).  You can leave the paste on until you are done cleaning the rest of the doll's vinyl.
6. Once you are done wiping her vinyl down, take another bowl and fill it with plain warm water; either rinse the washcloth or get another paper towel, and then proceed to wipe the doll down with this.  This should take the baking soda residue off of her, but if her vinyl feels chalky afterward, this means you did not get it all off and you'll need to wipe her off again with the plain water.
7. Now to go about cleaning her face.  You will have to be EXTREMELY careful about her eyes, so you might cover them with your hand whilst cleaning her; otherwise, just clean as you would the rest of her limbs, but avoid her cheeks and lips if they are colored.  This could fade the color if you do clean them!
8. Once everything has been cleaned and rinsed, you can dry her off.  She'll be good to go!

Hope this helps to keep your doll looking great for years to come!!  (=

Monday, May 6, 2013

BFC Ink Addison

Hi everyone (: So this will be a post about my BFC Ink doll, Addison.  I got her off of eBay for around $20 used.  Her hair was pretty messy and she had quite a few marks on her. Unfortunately, I noticed after I got her that she has a slight 'wandering' eye - one eye looks up just a shade, while the other one is looking straight ahead.  Oh well - if I position her like her head is cocked to the side, in a certain way, you can't notice it as much (that kind of stuff bothers me with dolls..)
Anyway, back to the post.  After awhile of dealing with her horribly frizzy and easily-matted hair, I got tired of it and decided to give her a new look after trying all of these methods of de-frizzing:

*Trying to use a curling iron to get a bit of the original curl back as well as flatten the frizz
*Fabric softener soaks...a lot of them
*Soaking her hair in boiling water and fabric softener
*Using people hair conditioner on her hair (which usually works great for all my other dolls).

None of that worked, so I was initially going to put a cute, red wig on her but I decided to experiment first.
These are her before pics (she is nude so if you don't want to see her nude you may want to skip this post!)
After I messed around with trimming the part of her hair that was mostly frizz, this is what I got:

After trimming the edges a bit to even up, I really liked it.  It makes her look a lot more her age.  

Sometime soon, I will hopefully be posting some reviews on the dolls I have.  Thanks for reading and God bless! (: