Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Frozen Elsa 12" Disney Store doll review

Hey everyone!  (: 
So today I finally got the Frozen Elsa review finished. Here it is!   Sorry it took me this long to get it up!

Here's our lovely gal, fresh out of the box.  She has very pale skin, bright red lips, purple eyeshadow, and stunning blue eyes.  She has pale blond hair, thickly gelled into the style she has right now - except for the braid. 

Her cape has two tiny plastic tag thingies securing it to her dress, so you have to snip them in order to let her cape out in its full glory.  Her outfit is GORGEOUS. 

She has plain, plastic blue flats.  It would've been really awesome if they could've done clear plastic heels like the ice heels she has in the trailer previews...but these are cool too :P   She also has the 2012 model joints.  Her legs are just slightly bowed, but it doesn't affect her.  Which is awesome. 

Back of her dress is fastened with Velcro.  It's EXTREMELY tight, so tight that the Velcro will hardly shut!  But it stays once you get it on her.

Her cape, spread out . 

Detail of the cape...It's just beautiful.  I can't say enough about her dress and cape!  It's really glittery, and the bodice is coated in glitter, but they seem to be holding well and not shedding the glitter everywhere - which is an awesome plus!

Her gelled-down hair.  I ended up fiddling around with the locks that were gelled, and I was able to get them up a bit and into a style more like the one in the promotional pictures. 

She also has her braid rubber-banded to her arm...I removed the band. 

And here she is with her sister, Anna! 

Two pretty gals (=

"Don't come near me!" (Although, her face is a bit too happy for this caption from the trailer)

"Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore...let it go, let it go, turn away and slam the door!"  (I LOVE how this one turned out!)

"I came for you!" 

And a couple bonus pics:

Anna in Elsa's dress....oooh pretty, right? :P 

2013 Rapunzel in Anna's outfit...Adorable! 

And the best:  2010 Rapunzel in Elsa's gown.  Oh my goodness, she looks perfect, doesn't she??! 

Overall, I give Elsa a 5 out of 5 stars.  She is movie accurate, GORGEOUS, her dress is awesome, her articulation isn't bad, and did I mention she's movie accurate and gorgeous?  :P  I would highly reccomend her to anyone!  One note, though - it's a bit tricky to get her sleeves back on once the dress has been taken off..you can't rush, or you might poke a hole into the sleeve.  I came close a couple of times xD 

So, what do you think of the 12" Frozen Anna and Elsa dolls?  If you want to go look over the Anna review again, click HERE. 

Are you planning to get any of them?  Do you have any of them already?  And who's excited for the movie?  I know I am!!  One month, 5 days until it's released in theaters!!  ;)

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