Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Custom LIV Elsa doll

Hey everyone!!
Finally got this post done (: 
I will also have another post up sometime with a photoshoot of the Disney Store Frozen gals -  Only two weeks to go 'til Frozen is released in theaters -  who else is SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE??!!!!! =D
*Ahem* Anyway...onto the post!
The LIV doll I used was Sophie, I believe.  She has pale blue eyes and seemed like a good candidate for Elsa.  It also helps that she came with a very light blond wig! =D 
I didn't remove any of her original face paint.  I tried the alcohol on a Q-Tip trick on a spare LIV head I had laying around, victim of a body-swap (I have a bunch of doll parts lying in my room and I have no idea what to do with it all...and it's just getting kind of awkward...) And so it messed up her eyes for some reason. 
If you try doing a LIV remake, RESEARCH A LOT before you try removing anything.  And don't use alcohol anywhere near their eyes. 
Anyway, so I just used my Faber-Castell colored pencils to give her some more blush, purple eyeshadow, and a bit more emphasis on her eyelashes.  It's really easy, but it takes some patience! (:
That just left the dress.   
We had some leftover pieces of lycra from Western-style Pleasure shirts that my Mom made, and the lycra just happened to be glittery, turquoise, with some black and some white accents. 
Sooo, perfect right?? 

I just did it like this.  Very simple -- One seam. 
Lycra doesn't fray, so I didn't need to hem it.  The leftover piece had some not-clean-cut parts, and was uneven, and usually, that would get to me, but it worked, surprisingly!
In my mind, I wanted my custom Elsa to not be prim and proper, because in the movie, that's supposedly exactly opposite of what Elsa ends up being. 
Anyway, so I left the uneven parts, turned them into kind of a train thing - the part in the front is higher up than the back, too. 
Then, I used some thread and these littttle clear plastic beads, and just strung them on, attatched the string to the dress, and turned them into straps and basically just accents for the dress.  It gives a slight illusion to ice, kind of? 
Anyway, and then I crocheted a cape-kind-of-thing.  (When I think of the word 'cape', all I can think of is Edna from The Incredibles, saying "NO CAPES!" ....Am I the only one??)
Finally, I did some weird braid (quite frankly, I'm not even really sure how to explain how I got it braided.  It's like her braid, sort of, (except for the piece in front on her face, where it's braided on the side), and it's kinda messy. 

Close-up of her.  I also colored over her eyebrows and made them slant upward at the end just enough to make her look a little worried.  The original eyebrows made her seem indifferent and emotionless. 

So that's my custom Elsa! 
Since it snowed here, I just had to take her out for a photoshoot...
So here she is!

And I had a buddy for the photoshoot.  He really, really liked Elsa -- or maybe, just the attention he was getting from me.  =P

And I just had to take this one.  I tried to make it look like in the scene in the trailers where she's running over the fjord, and everything's freezing behind her....only this is just snow =P

From behind to show where the snow actually stops, which is why I tried these pics =D  Yeah, that's my hand in the side, there....trying to keep her from plummetting off of the railing onto the cement patio below. 

And these two I tried to make her look like in the one scene in the trailers as well, where she collapses to her knees (I would elaborate as to WHICH scene that's from, because I read the Junior Novelization *I need to do a review on it* and some other stuff...but I know not a lot of people appreciate spoilers :P) 

Snow in her hand...can't really see it, though. 

Snow in her hair and on her hand...
And then I picked her up and snow was caked on her legs and everything.....brr!  xD 
So, yeah...that's my custom LIV Elsa doll. 
Comments/suggestings/critique/anything??  (:

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