Friday, November 29, 2013

Frozen photoshoot part 2

Hey everyone!  Here's the last part of the Frozen photoshoot I've been trying to get up since last Sunday... sorry for the wait xD
For this one, I played around a bit...blurred the background with GIMP.  The original is below. 

"Heh-hah!  Just like a pillow!"

"That's no blizzard..that's my sister!"

..'That was a bit more of a drop than what I expected...'

Snow angels.. =D

A tale of two sisters...I like how this turned out.

But this one is probably my all time favorite, out of all of them.  I just wish the swingset wasn't in there...oh well.  =D

Frozen Hans & Kristoff doll review

Hey everyone!
Sorry it's taken me THIS LONG to get the review up.  Ugh! 
Anyway.  These gentlemen came to me from JC Penney's, actually. 
From what I understand, JC Penney's has recently started selling Disney merchandise in certain stores (still not in my local one, but they're online as well) as an attempt to keep from going under. 
They have most, if not all, of the princesses.  They have some slight clothing variations, and they're all the old-style Barbie bodies (straight, unbendable arms with the bendy legs).  Their face molds are the same, though.
Hans and Kristoff, though, have jointed arms, exactly like the Disney Store Flynn I have. 
I got them during a "By 2 or more for $10 each" deal, and they're actually selling right now for $7.99 each today, because of Black here's the link to their Disney page -- if anyone wants to go nuts ;) Click HERE. 
They normally sell for $12 each, though; which is about $4.50 less than the current price for the Frozen dolls on the Disney Store website; $2.50 for the other classics.

Here are the two lads from Arendelle (and the Southern Isles... :P)
The packaging looks similar to the Disney Store's packaging.  The only difference I could tell, from the insert on the inside, is that one corner is shaded more pink. 

The backs are different, though. 

Hans was super easy to get out of his first. 

I also noticed Hans' arm was bent at an unnateral angle. 
That HURTS to look at!! 
I was soo scared to take him out of the box, for fear that his arm would fall off.  xD

His coattails were connected to the box by thread.  Seriously?? 

Anyway.  Here he is, freed from his prison. 
Is it just me, or does he look suspicious in this picture?
By the way...sorry about the background mess.  I used the kitchen table to take pics at first... xD 

Kristoff's box. 
Tape.  Tape EVERYWHERE.  I don't wanna talk about it.  =P


Close up of his face.  Not sure if you can see them or not, but he as a kind of unnatural sprinkling of freckles around on his face.  I don't recall seeing freckles on Frozen's promotional posters for the actual animated character, but oh well!  He has a neat, brownish-greenish eyecolor.  And the detailing on his hair is AMAZING.  Oh my goodness!  The pictures do not do the detailing justice!!
Another funny thing I noticed is his face detailing.  This side, he looks serious, suspicious, and judgemental. 

But on this side, he's a dapper, pleasant lad. 

So, which one is it, Hans?  Judgemental or pleasant? 

The only difference I could tell about his outfit vs. legit Disney Store Hans' outfit is that he didn't have the gold thingy on  his shoulder. 
His clothes seem to be of decent quality, though.  His coat is seperate from the rest; but from what I could tell, the rest is one piece (except the boots). 
I didn't remove anything, though....For some reason, both of his arms will bend backwards as well as forward, and the sleeves are so tight that I was thinking maybe they were keeping the arms together or I just left well enough alone :P

His boots...they're awesome!  =D

Hans with my custom Anna (yes.  I still need to make her post...)

Hans with the Disney Store Anna

I was a little concerned with having Hans AND Flynn, because they looked kind of similar. 
No worries!  They're plenty different. 

Profile comparison...this is what I was most concerned with -- is that their face molds would be too similar. 
Nope!  Maybe they just got Hans' nose wrong... =P

The only thing I noticed that was different from the legit Disney Store's Kristoff is that he doesn't have faux fur lining his vest thingy. 
It looks like his clothes are separate; his shirt/vest is seperate from his pants, in other words.  I'm not sure.  I didn't bother taking off the clothes, because I knew I'd have to remove his gloves, and they look like they'd be a nightmare to get back on! 

His gloves are cool...they're held securely on his hands by this cute little string. 

His boots are AWESOME as well.  They're pained so it looks like they have a dusting of snow on them!  And the tips turn up, almost like the elf shoes you'll see in the old Christmas movies.  :)

Kristoff has a slightly warmer facial expression; but he looks a little shy.  I'm not a huge fan of his side-glancing eyes; it's super hard to photograph him!  Ah well. 
OH!  And he has freckles, too.  They're much more natural than Hans', and they.  Are.  Adorable.  :D

Profile view...they definitely nailed it on this one!  And also, his hair has amazing detail.  I hope that Disney keeps doing this for the princes!!

Kristoff with Disney Store Anna.

Kristoff with Elsa...

Hans with Elsa. 

I'm not a huge fan of either of the guys paired up with Elsa, in my opinion...I don't know why, though!

But Hans and the 2012 Classic Wedding Rapunzel?  Ooh...I love them together!  No idea why, again, but aren't they sweet together? 

Hans and the 2010 Rapunzel aren't the greatest together, though..

 I still prefer Eugene with 2010 Rapunzel. 

*Ahem*...guys....ya might wanna watch your backs.  Hans has his suspicious face on.  =}
Overall, I was pleased with the JC Penney's Disney dolls.  I'd give them a 4.5 out of 5; and the half of a point is probably simply because the princess dolls don't have the arm articulation...that's just about it! 
What do you guys think?  Anyone have JC Penney's dolls? 
I'll be posting the Frozen photoshoot part 2  tomorrow, if not later today... so stay tuned! (: 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving & Frozen Madness.. =P

Hey everyone!
Quick pop in to tell everyone happy Thanksgiving (:  I know I said it already but..happy Thanksgiving again. 

Today's the official release of Frozen!!!!!  Anyone going to see it in theaters?  I may or may not be able to go see it...I'm so excited! =D
There is a Rapunzel and Eugene cameo in the "For The First Time In Forever" clip, where the gates are opened and Anna comes running out.  They're there for just a couple of seconds, but they're in the bottom-left corner of the screen, so keep an eye out, everyone!!!  I repinned a pic of it on my Pinterest account; if you wanna go check it out...HERE'S the link.  :)

Also, the 2-Disc Soundtrack for Frozen came out on iTunes and Amazon this Monday!  I'm hoping to buy it off of Amazon this week. 
ANNNND, the Frozen DVD is officially out on Amazon for preorder!  The DVD supposedly isn't coming out until Easter 2014, though. 

Umm...what else...
Oh!  I'm hoping I'll get something new posted sometime maybe Friday?   Not sure.  But here's a pic from my newest Frozen photoshoot to tide you over... =D

Soo...guess that's all!  I'll talk to ya'll later!!! =]

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Frozen photoshoot part 1

Hey everyone! 
To anyone who's got as much snow as we do (4+ inches thus far), stay safe!  We tried to go to church and ended up having to turn around and come home because the roads aren't plowed...Ugh.  So yeah, stay safe out there, everyone!

Since it's so snowy outside, I figured it'd be a good time to post my Frozen photoshoot from the  last time it snowed!

I'll also have a post up later...I got the J.C. Penney's version of Kristoff and Hans, so I'll give you a review of both of them, as well as whatever I can find about the JC Penney's Disney doll stuff.  =]  And I STILL have to do my custom doll posts..whew.  So without further ado, let's get started!  xD
I will likely have another photoshoot with them since I got Kristoff and Hans...and it's snowing...And I'm in a Frozen kind of mood...Frozen comes out on Wednesday!!!!  Who's going to see it in theaters??  The DVD comes out in either March or April, or so I've heard, so I'll be waiting till then...ugh!  Who's waiting for the DVD?   You can commiserate with me!  ;) 

So's the photoshoot!  It was just a quick one.  Hopefully I'll have more pics later -- I'll put them up in a second post if I do. :)

I love how this picture turned out.  You can really see the freckles on her face!  ^_^

And I like this one as well!  =D

That BEAUTIFUL cape...

Looks cold...Brr.  :D 
So that's all for now...I'll go out and take some more pics here as soon as I can gather my stuff!  And get boots on.  Bleagh!  =D 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

LE 17" Anna and Elsa Are Available!!!

Hey everyone!
Just thought I'd pop in and let you all know that the gorgeous Limited Edition 17" Anna and Elsa dolls are available at the Disney Store today!!!
If you wanna go check Anna out, here's the link. 
If you wanna go check Elsa out, here's the link.

Anyone planning on buying them?  (: 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

2000 Pageviews??!

Hey guys --
Quick pop in. 
This blog officially has 2,000 pageviews. 
Oh my gosh! 
I never thought I'd get that many views.  And seven followers?? 
Thank you SOOOO much guys!!!!  I love every one of you!  =D 
I should have that second Frozen photoshoot up sometime soon (this weekend was CRAZY, but this week seems to be pretty calm.  Thus far.) And I'll be reviewing the JC Penney's Hans & Kristoff dolls as soon as they come -- just ordered them today!! =D 
Let's see....Oh, and there will likely be more eBay listings up this week -- if I ever get around to posting stuff.  When I do, I'll let ya'll know! 

Also....Only 10 days until Frozen is released!!!  And only 11 days till Thanksgiving!!  Here's an early Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!   (: 

So yeah...that's about it, I think.  Thanks sooooooooo much again, you guys!! =] 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Custom LIV Elsa doll

Hey everyone!!
Finally got this post done (: 
I will also have another post up sometime with a photoshoot of the Disney Store Frozen gals -  Only two weeks to go 'til Frozen is released in theaters -  who else is SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE??!!!!! =D
*Ahem* Anyway...onto the post!
The LIV doll I used was Sophie, I believe.  She has pale blue eyes and seemed like a good candidate for Elsa.  It also helps that she came with a very light blond wig! =D 
I didn't remove any of her original face paint.  I tried the alcohol on a Q-Tip trick on a spare LIV head I had laying around, victim of a body-swap (I have a bunch of doll parts lying in my room and I have no idea what to do with it all...and it's just getting kind of awkward...) And so it messed up her eyes for some reason. 
If you try doing a LIV remake, RESEARCH A LOT before you try removing anything.  And don't use alcohol anywhere near their eyes. 
Anyway, so I just used my Faber-Castell colored pencils to give her some more blush, purple eyeshadow, and a bit more emphasis on her eyelashes.  It's really easy, but it takes some patience! (:
That just left the dress.   
We had some leftover pieces of lycra from Western-style Pleasure shirts that my Mom made, and the lycra just happened to be glittery, turquoise, with some black and some white accents. 
Sooo, perfect right?? 

I just did it like this.  Very simple -- One seam. 
Lycra doesn't fray, so I didn't need to hem it.  The leftover piece had some not-clean-cut parts, and was uneven, and usually, that would get to me, but it worked, surprisingly!
In my mind, I wanted my custom Elsa to not be prim and proper, because in the movie, that's supposedly exactly opposite of what Elsa ends up being. 
Anyway, so I left the uneven parts, turned them into kind of a train thing - the part in the front is higher up than the back, too. 
Then, I used some thread and these littttle clear plastic beads, and just strung them on, attatched the string to the dress, and turned them into straps and basically just accents for the dress.  It gives a slight illusion to ice, kind of? 
Anyway, and then I crocheted a cape-kind-of-thing.  (When I think of the word 'cape', all I can think of is Edna from The Incredibles, saying "NO CAPES!" ....Am I the only one??)
Finally, I did some weird braid (quite frankly, I'm not even really sure how to explain how I got it braided.  It's like her braid, sort of, (except for the piece in front on her face, where it's braided on the side), and it's kinda messy. 

Close-up of her.  I also colored over her eyebrows and made them slant upward at the end just enough to make her look a little worried.  The original eyebrows made her seem indifferent and emotionless. 

So that's my custom Elsa! 
Since it snowed here, I just had to take her out for a photoshoot...
So here she is!

And I had a buddy for the photoshoot.  He really, really liked Elsa -- or maybe, just the attention he was getting from me.  =P

And I just had to take this one.  I tried to make it look like in the scene in the trailers where she's running over the fjord, and everything's freezing behind her....only this is just snow =P

From behind to show where the snow actually stops, which is why I tried these pics =D  Yeah, that's my hand in the side, there....trying to keep her from plummetting off of the railing onto the cement patio below. 

And these two I tried to make her look like in the one scene in the trailers as well, where she collapses to her knees (I would elaborate as to WHICH scene that's from, because I read the Junior Novelization *I need to do a review on it* and some other stuff...but I know not a lot of people appreciate spoilers :P) 

Snow in her hand...can't really see it, though. 

Snow in her hair and on her hand...
And then I picked her up and snow was caked on her legs and everything.....brr!  xD 
So, yeah...that's my custom LIV Elsa doll. 
Comments/suggestings/critique/anything??  (: