Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Frozen Anna review

Hey everyone! So much for a non-busy week. My sister in law had to have some emergency surgeries this week, and so we've been watching my baby niece. But this evening I was able to slap together a review for the 12" Anna doll from Frozen. Elsa's review will be coming after! (:

Anna & Elsa in their boxes

Backs of the boxes

Anna, freed from her plastic prison!  The box background is lovely artwork of the kingdom of Arendelle. 

Her cape has two hearts and shuts using a hook and a loop; both plastic.  This can come off quite easily, but it can be put back on just as easily. 
Also, she has freckles!!!  Adorable freckles!  But her eyes are more greenish than blue....which, in the movie, her eyes will be blue, like her sister's: 

As you can see in this promotional poster released by Disney.

But regardless.  =D 

Whilst in the middle of the review, this lovely little incident occured:

I was literally thinking, "Oh, look how adorable those gloves-well, that isn't right." 
Her arm fell right out of the joint and plopped onto the chair that I had the dolls set up on. 
So I ended up getting a replacement...thank goodness for customer service! xD 

Her bright pink cape.

Those adorable gloves...which leave stains. 
Trust me. 
They leave stains. 
On my replacement Anna, the gloves were starting to leave blue stains on the vinyl, even though there were little plastic things in there, I suppose to keep them from staining; but those don't help when they're crammed down at the bottom and not around the fingers at all! 

But regardless; here's Anna in her ADORABLE outfit!
I thought it was a single piece dress; but no - the skirt and the top are separate!  (: 

And let's talk about those adorably cute boots. 
They're a bit tricky to get off the first time; but after that, they're easily taken on and off.  And talk about adorable?!  Oh my goodness!  Where can I find cowboy boots with designs like that?? 
Oh, and now that I'm done having a "squee" moment over her boots...as you can see, they have the articulation of the 2012 dolls. 
Neither Elsa nor Anna's legs were bad, though - yayy!!!  :D

And her hat is removable; held on by a couple stitches (Be extremely careful when snipping them.  They're sooo close to the hair, I was terrified to remove it...but you know me...it had to come off. :D)

Her white streak

And that adorable face!  (:
Overall, I give Disney a 4 out of  5 stars on Anna. 
She's ADORABLE, and seems to be pretty decently made; however, they coulda at least made her eyes the right color...but that's just me being movie-correct. 

Are you planning on getting any of the Frozen merchandise?  What do you think of Anna?  Feel free to drop a comment! 


  1. She looks really cute. I like her hair with the white streak, and I like her dress!

  2. Actually her eyes are more of a green in the movie--at least when compared to Elsa's