Friday, April 19, 2013

Some of my dolls - mostly Disney (:

Hi everyone (:
Here are some pics of part of my doll collection...
My Mattel Rapunzel:
(She's so cute :P) She isn't jointed.  
I really like how this picture turned out.  This is how I have her displayed.  

My Disney Store Classic Wedding Rapunzel:
She is also very gorgeous.  She has such a wonderful expression that fits her character well.  Love the dress as well - and that she has short hair!!
She has jointed arms, but her legs are not. 

My Disney Store Merida:
She is fully jointed in the arms and the legs.  
I also like how this turned out. 

My Princess and Me Rapunzel:  
I absolutely love her - she is just soo cute - and so sweet looking!! 

My Disney Store 1st Edition Rapunzel toddler doll 
(She isn't wearing her original dress right now, she's wearing a homemade Galoob Baby Face dress.)  

My Disney Store Merida toddler doll:
(hahaha, gotta love that little smirk!)  

Annd...she isn't Disney, but my BFC Ink Addison:  (personalized and wearing a homemade dress, headband, and bracelet)

Hope you enjoyed the pics... :P  I'll be posting reviews and pics of each of these dolls at a later date, when I get the time to do so.  Until then, if you have any questions about them, comment and I'll answer the best I can (I am no expert but I will try to help.)  
Thanks for viewing, have a nice day, and God bless! (:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

First Edition Rapunzel DS Toddler doll TLC project

I was on a roll that month with Rapunzel dolls on eBay!  A couple of weeks after I had found both of my P&M Rapunzels, I found a first edition Rapunzel Toddler doll, which I guess had been the doll that later started the Animators' Collection from the Disney Store; and when they started that collection, they had retired the current Rapunzel and replaced her.
Anywho, her hair was tangled and she had a name written on her foot in dark marker.

She wasn't in too awful shape though, and she came with her original nightgown.
It only took me a little while to do a Downy dunk on her hair and brush through it, and then I got some zit cream, slathered it on the name on her foot, covered her with a towel (all except for the foot) and set her out in the sun for a little while.
I only left her out there for a little while, because I didn't want her to melt!  I think I left that cream on her foot for about a week before scraping it off, and the name had faded..but it is to this day still on there.  
Regardless, I decided to braid her hair and she promptly looked 100x cuter.  

Princess & Me Rapunzel TLC project #2

About a week after I had gotten my first P&M Rapunzel (see my first P&M TLC project for more info), I found another one for the same price as the first one, only she had her original dress and tiara.  (I wasn't too concerned about the tiara though...just the dress xD)
So I got her.  When she came, I realized that she was just about in worse shape than the first one.
After I had spent about four or five hours going through her hair (I did her the same way I did my first one - see the first project link above for more info!), [and finding a lot of intriguing things in  her hair - grass, scraps of fabric, something that I didn't know what it was, and wasn't so sure I wanted to find out...], and scrubbing her vinyl, and cleaning her dress, she was all good.
The two lovely gals! 

I decided to sell her, but I kept the dress and tiara.  After several months of trying to sell her on eBay, I recently just sold her - yay!

Princess & Me Rapunzel TLC Project #1

Hi everyone -
So awhile back, I got a Princess & Me Rapunzel on eBay for a super cheap you can see why:
Her hair was a matted mess.  No tangles here....pure matting.  Ugh!  
She also came with no clothes (so all of these posts, except for the bottom few,  will be of a nude doll.)  
So, after deciding that there was no way I was going to just brush through her hair, I got a big tub of warm water, squirted some Suave shampoo into it, and scrubbed her hair up.  Once I'd rinsed it out, I dumped that tub of water out and then filled it back up. I put a generous glug of fabric softener in it (any kind of fabric softener will work!) and then let her hair to soak for a few minutes. Then, I got to work.
When you're doing this, you'll want to make sure to keep any moisture out of the doll's eyes, and also don't get any water in her wig base, if she has a wig - the results could be catastrophic for the poor doll!  
Moving on, I pulled and tugged and brushed through her hair until I got about halfway through her hair...
When this happened:
She broke my brush!  D:  Luckily enough, we have other brushes and combs that I was able to use.  
Moving on, after literally about 4 hours of work, I got through all of her hair!  Yay!!!
After that, I got some leave-in conditioner (I used Dove - works great for dolls and people!), got a decent-sized glob onto my hand, and then worked it through all of that hair.  After I brushed her hair out, she looked a LOT better. 
Next, I noticed that she had some slight marks on her vinyl body, so I got some baking soda, warm water, and a washcloth, made a paste on her marks, and then scrubbed most of them off.  Then, I tried to braid her hair in a similar manner as to how Rapunzel's hair got braided in the movie "Tangled":
After that, I scrounged around and found my American Girl Felicity "Meet" dress, and did a quick chain crochet with white yarn to make a little belt for her, to keep the dress on her (AG clothes are very loose on P&M dolls!)
And that's it!  She is such a beautiful doll.

Welcome to A Dolly A Day!!

Hi everyone!!
Thanks so much if you're visiting my blog!  This blog will be mostly for doll reviews, info, and DIY tips.
I'll include tutorials for things like how to fix up a doll in need of a little TLC, reviews for dolls such as BFC Ink, American Girl, Disney, etc., and just some tips and tricks to keeping your dolls looking glamorous!!
Please feel free to comment under anything and ask me stuff - I will try to answer to my fullest knowledge, but I am not an expert - just a Christian who loves collecting dolls (and horses too... c:)
Thanks so much for checking my blog out!!