Monday, February 17, 2014

Photoshoot Part 2

Hey everyone!  Sooo, this is part 2 of the AG photoshoot I did..Elizabeth's not included in this one, either, because her photos just will NOT upload, for whatever reason..Ugh! 
But regardless...if you missed part 1, click HERE if you wanna check the other photos out.  (:

Nells :D


My other JLY..I LOVE her face :D

Plus, I attempted the Elsa coronation bun in her hair..a little messy in the back, but it turned out nice otherwise!

And that's a wrap for the photoshoot!
  And now I believe I'll try rearranging all my dolls on my shelves xD  The one problem about being a bookworm AND being a doll collector is the limited shelf space in your if you don't hear from me in about a week, I'm probably buried in copious amounts of dolls and books...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy V-day!

Just a quick pop in :D
Happy Valentine's day, dear readers!!  Hope you all have a great day! (: 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Photoshoot for my AG dolls =] (Part 1)

Hey everyone! FINALLY got my photoshoot for the American Girl dolls done, so here are a few of my favorites!
I was going to put ALL of them on here, but Blogger's being weird and not uploading here's the pictures that *will* come up.  Hopefully, I'll get the rest up sometime soon!

(My modern Elsa attempt :P)

Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm Still Alive....

Oh my gosh, guys...I am SO sorry!!  I haven't posted anything in almost a MONTH?!  I am so, so sorry!  I haven't been hearing of any extremely major Disney news or anything doll related happening, excluding the current mass hysteria going on over Frozen merchandise, causing everything to sell out in the Disney Stores, online, and causing prices to skyrocket on eBay for anything Frozen... xD
Soo...with lack of a better subject to talk about, how does everyone care for their dolls?  Do you do anything with them, such as scrubbing them, washing their hair once in awhile, etc.?  I know (and I need to do this soon, too) that for my American Girl dolls and a couple others, I lightly mist their hair with this fabric softener / water solution (just a teeennnnsy tiny amount of fabric softener in a squirt bottle, fill 'er up with water and there ya go) and then brush their hair out, and change their hairstyle so they don't get any weird kinks/waves from being in a certain hairstyle too long; then I sometimes give them a baking soda scrub (depending on how dusty they are from being on display), change their clothes (so the colors don't bleed onto their vinyl and stain them), and then set them back up on display.
Anyone else do this, or is it just me?  :P 

And as far as new posts, I'm gonna try to get some photoshoots done or something..anything..!  Maybe I'll try taking some pics of my American Girls, I don't take pictures of them much...hmm...afternoon project for this wintery day, perhaps?  =D