Friday, March 28, 2014

Quick Photoshoot

Hey guys!  Sorry it's taken me THIS LONG to get a photoshoot up... :(  I had some Rapunzel pictures in here, too, but later decided to delete them out because it was like.. "Frozen Frozen Frozen Frozen TANGLED Frozen Frozen TANGLED..." and they didn't really fit in so yeah...that'll be another post :D  But for's some of my favorite Frozen pics from  my photoshoot earlier this month. 


And then this one is a (crummy) edit that I did....I know, it looks TERRIBLE xD  
That's all for now -- just a quicky, because I have some horse-related things to do outside before the rain hits this afternoon (And it looks like it could rain any second--eek, I really need to get out there..) so I'll hopefully post some more over this weekend, or next week for sure.  Sorry to keep you all hanging so long :(  I'll talk to you all later!  OH I may also have reviews for Monsters University and Epic up sometime -- I just recently watched them :D 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Frozen Merch is Back In Stock!!

Hey guys!  Just thought I'd let you all know that the Disney Store now has all the Frozen merchandise back in stock!  The Animator dolls, the 12" dolls, the big, $70 set with the coronation outfits, (that I'm blanking up on over the name... xD), and the singing dolls,  so if anyone wanted to get dolls, here's your chance!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Thanks so much, everyone!!

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to pop in really quick to say..
Thank you, thank you, thank you sooo much, everyone!  Never thought I'd have 4000+ views on this blog, and 10 followers in the first year!  With this blog's 1-year-anniversary coming up, I'd like to apologize ahead of time -- I'd love to do a giveaway or something, but I'm unfortunately not able to do a giveaway for  various reasons..sorry, guys :\ 
In other matters, I'm hopefully going to get the photoshoot I did a little while back posted-- I was going to post it this week, but it's been fairly crazy between spring cleaning my room and the fact that my guinea pig passed away, so I've been having to Clorox the cage and EVERYTHING...ugh.  Since I can't stand the quietness in my room now, with no guinea pigs running up and squealing excitedly every time I'd touch the doorknob, I think I might follow some advice I got awhile back, and try having birds or something.  I'm not really sure what I'll do yet though.  Ugh. 

In more exciting, happy news, Frozen comes out in 4 days!!!!!  My copy's been preordered since December or so, so I'm hoping I don't have to wait too long to get it shipped out xD  Anyone preorder their copy, or are you going to get it in stores?  Anyone else excited, or is it just me? 

So that's it for now...I'm hoping to get that photoshoot up soon! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Marvel's Iron Man 3 Review

Hey everyone!  So today, I've got the Iron Man 3 review up, finally!(:  It's a really good movie, and I absolutely LOVE it and highly recommend it. 
To understand what's going on in Iron Man 3, you need to have watched The Avengers -- and if you've never seen the 1st Iron Man, watch that too :D 

So, the basic, non-spoilery summary of the movie is that Tony Stark is working on this new prototype of suits, ones that can do pretty epic stuff.  He's also dealing with panic attacks, reminiscent of the attack on New York.  A person from Tony's past comes up and starts all these 'bombings' in an attempt to lure Tony out --he is known as the Mandarin. 
Of course, Tony rises to the occassion, sufficiently getting him and Pepper into this bigggg mess.  Tony has to learn how to rely not on his suits, but his brains and abilities to turn common household items into weapons in order to defeat the Mandarin.  He who used to be so high-and-mighty, arrogant, and self-obsessed also learns that there's more in life than just loving himself.  He also has to learn how to overcome his panic attacks -- any mention of New York and he starts getting an attack.

 I absolutely loved the fact that the movie conveys a good, wholesome message or two-- one being that you just don't stand people up and ignore them.  If somebody has something to show you, be patient and allow them to talk to you, even if you think their idea is the stupidest thing ever.  Don't just shut them down or ignore them, because you may just open up a whole can of worms you didn't want to open.  Plus, you'll be doing a good deed, and you never know if someone just wants you to listen. 

The movie is AMAZINGLY well-made, and keeps you on the edge of your seat literally constantly.  If you don't watch and listen closely to the prologue, you will not understand at all what is going on, just a side-note!  The graphics for the movie are sooo well done, and it's very action-packed.  VERRY action packed -- there is never a dull moment!  I'm sorry I couldn't do a full, extremely long review on the movie -- I rented it from Netflix last month, watched it three or four times, and had to return it a few weeks ago, so it's not the freshest in my memory.  Plus, there is a spoiler that I want to leave unsaid, because the element of surprise for this spoiler is best.  Or possibly the worst.  Just depends on how you react.  xD 

Plus, did I mention Tony Stark's signature jokes?! 

I was never a huge Iron Man/Tony Stark fan, but after this movie, I must admit that I officially like the Iron Man movies.  :} 

Has anyone else seen any of the Iron Man movies?  Anyone planning on seeing them?  (:    

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Marvel's Thor: The Dark World movie review

So, last Wednesday, I got my Thor: The Dark World (which will be referred to as TTDW from now on in this review) DVD in the mail.  This was the sequel to Marvel's Thor (2011) movie, which introduced Thor (the Norse god of thunder) and his adopted brother, Loki. 
To understand fully what's going on in TTDW, you have to have watched Thor and The Avengers first, or you'll be completely and utterly lost as to why the nine realms were not at peace, why the Bifrost was destroyed, and why Jane Foster (Thor's love interest) wigs out on Thor when he returns to Midgard (Earth).
With that said...let's continue.   [Edit:  The DVD comes with two bonus features:  "Jane learns about the Aether", and an exclusive look at Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  Both are very awesome.  The Blu-Ray has a lot more bonus features, from what I've heard.  I'm sure they'll be on Youtube!]

Things are a little slow-moving in the absolute very beginning, but you have to keep close attention to the prologue so you are able to understand what all is going on in the movie.  In the prologue, Anthony Hopkins narrates and tells about Malekith and the Dark Elves, who reside in one of the nine realms -- the Dark World.  They possess an extremely powerful object, similar to the Tesseract, but very, very dangerous -- the Aether.  It cannot be destroyed, so when the Dark World is under attack by Asgard's army, they bury it somewhere they hope will prevent it from being found; and it stays there for likely thousands of years...until Jane finds it on accident. 

After the prologue, the first person you see is Loki -- brought to Odin in chains.  He is sentenced to life in Asgard's dungeon, and without contact to the only person he connected with and cared about:  Frigga.  This was two years ago, after he was brought home from his little adventure in New York (The Avengers). 

Things are going along well enough in Asgard after that.  The nine realms are at peace, the Bifrost repaired, and Thor is well on his way to becoming king of Asgard, replacing his father. 
Until the Aether is reactivated by Jane Foster, which regenerates Malekith and his Dark Elves. 
When all this happens, Thor goes back to Jane, takes her to Asgard, and they find out what happened to her.  As all of this is happening, the Dark Elves are working on their revenge attack on Asgard.

From here on out, the spoiler-free plot is that Thor ends up joining forces with Loki  and Jane on this epic journey to stop the nine realms from from throwing Earth completely off and possibly destroying it.  There are so many twists and turns in the film, and it's just absolutely perfect, very hilarious, and at the same time, there are a couple of scenes that are just really, really sad. 
I definitely reccomend Thor: The Dark World.  It is an awesome movie, has this amazing soundtrack to boot, and any Marvel/Thor/Loki fan will like it!  Make sure to watch through all the credits to see the mid-credit and after credit scenes, one of which includes what happens to the Aether after the movie's end. 
Fun fact:  Fandral is played by  Zachary Levi.  Is anyone a  Zac Levi fan?  I know I am...  
Has anyone seen Thor: The Dark World?  Anyone planning on seeing it? 

Now, I'm going to continue with the review with some insight on the movie, but if you want to remain spoiler-less, I'd highly reccomend stopping HERE. 


Frigga dies. 
Loki dies.  Or does he? 
Oh, and there's this little part how Loki starts going by "Loki of Jotenheim", just to trick Malekith and the Dark Elves...which is cool. 

Frigga's funeral is truly one of the most emotional funerals that I have seen in a movie like TTDW.  It's beautiful, yet so tragic, and I had the score from this scene stuck in my head for days. 
But what I wonder is...Frigga taught Loki all of his tricks.  This is shown not only when Thor is arguing with Loki and says "You had her tricks, but I had her trust!", but also when the Kursed enters the room she and Jane are hiding in.  She created Jane's illusion so that the Kursed and the Dark Elves wouldn't take her, so why didn't she create an illusion for herself?  If she would have done so, the illusion could have fought them off and they would have both been safe.  I realize that this was a major game-changer in the movie, but that's just a thought.  Or did she just not have as many magical abilities that Loki did? 

There's also a little piece in which Loki and Thor are talking about  Jane and the fact that her body won't be able to handle the Aether's power, where Thor is reluctant to even admit that something might happen to Jane.  Of course, I can  see why he wouldn't want to look at that reality.  But Loki also gave an excellent, quick speech that while you can avoid the matter as long as you want, but someday -- and it could be either a heartbeat away, or years and years away -- someone will leave your life, and you won't be prepared, and avoiding it will not help, especially if you don't tell someone how you feel about them before their time is up -- or even if they just go away. 
Or at least, that's how I took it.  This was, though, excellent foreshadowing. 
Which brings me to something else: 
 Loki's death scene is absolutely sudden and heartbreaking.  A++ acting to Tom Hiddleston, and this scene just kills me every time I watch it -- especially the part where he's apologizing and telling Thor that yes, he was a fool.  And the part where he says "I didn't do it for him?"  Yeah.  Wow. 
Which brings me to ANOTHER thing.  What on earth did Loki DO?
Obviously, this all worked out in his favor, being that he ended up being the king of Asgard, but how?  He obviously fine-tuned his illusions whilst his two-year-long stay in Asgard's prisons, so did he create an illusion of himself, to make Thor think he was dead?  Or was it Lorelei, who just made an appearance on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D last night?  If you are interested in reading the info on Lorelei, click her name above.  Paragraphs 3 and 4 are the bits that are most crucial to this other idea. 
Also, what did he do with Odin?
And will Thor find out eventually that he left Asgard in the hands of not his father, but his brother?  Or will this remain hush-hush?  Hmm...Marvel, we need a Loki movie.  We need it, and we need answers -- ASA-Please. 

So, what does everyone think?  If you read through all that, congratulations -- you're awesome.  Feel free to comment, I love talking about fandoms!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Disney Store sale

Hey guys -- just a quick pop in to let you know that the Disney Store is currently having an 'up to 40% off' sale; and the Classic 12" dolls are on sale for $10 each as well.  They also are offering free shipping with a purchase of $50 or more -- just thought I'd let you guys know!  I don't think they have any Frozen dolls in yet, though--the Frozen madness rages on.. :D 

And for right now, that's about it...I'm going to go work on some drafts, including the review for Thor: The Dark excited to write about it xD 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Quick Pop-In

Hey, everyone!  I'm still alive...! 
I'm thinking about doing a quick photoshoot or something today, which I will, of course, post if I do; but I was also wondering if anyone would be interested in reading movie reviews for Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 3?  I recently watched both of them, and will be happy to try to write spoiler-free reviews if anyone comments and lets me know they want reviews for either of them!! (:  Not sure if I've got any Marvel fans out there.  (If there is, Thor: The Dark World was released on Blu-Ray & DVD on Tuesday the 25th xD) 
Only 16 days until Frozen's released on DVD!!  Anyone excited? 

And another thing -- since I draw a lot, would anyone like to see any of my sketches?  Not doll-related, but at least it'd be something Disney-related, even though I'm not good at drawing at all xD