Thursday, June 20, 2013

Brand new 2013 Disney Store Rapunzel & Flynn review!!

Yesterday I was very pleased to get a classic, very oversized box with the address label stating "Disney Store".  It meant my order had finally come - my brand new 2013 Disney Store Rapunzel and Flynn!  However, my excitement quickly came to a screeching...halt...Safe to say, I may have to return Rapunzel :(  (The doll itself is adorable but her arm joint was broken right out of the package!)

Here they are - love the packaging!  Simple blue with some swirls on the clear plastic, with purple patterned bottom.  
Rapunzel fresh out of her package. I won't elaborate on how horrible it was to get her out of the plastic box - if you ever order from Disney, you will soon find out for yourself :P  She really is a gorgeous doll; her head is  big, with a kind of dark teal-y color for her eyes, a more natural color for her eyebrows (as opposed to last year's mold colors), and her lips are more of a purply-pink than the almost hot pink of last year's mold.  She also has more movie-accurate freckles. 

Her pretty face.  You can JUST see the freckles.  She also has some very light, almost minty green on the outline of her eye; around by her eyelashes.  The bottom of her eye is painted with the same brown as her eyebrows.  Her paint was a teensy bit wonky on the one side of her eye, it was white where it was supposed to be green; but it's hardly noticeable.  The part of her hair that swoops upward is gelled down.  I'm not usually a fan of heavy-gelled doll hair but it's just in that spot and I'm glad they made it that way, actually!!  And oddly enough, a few (okay, I admit.  TEN strands.  Yes I counted them) hairs on the other side of her face are cut like, really really short.  I can't get them to lay down flat with the rest of her hair.  Anyway, moving on to her hair:

IT'S SO SOFT.  And heavy!  It's cool that her hair is thick like that.  

Her dress is glittery, but it's patterned.  I love how it's got the sun pattern on it as well!  It's really pretty.  Her bodice is plain purple, with pink corset ribbons; and she has pink and purple striped, puffy, short sleeves.  And let me warn you now:  That dress might not look as glittery as some of the other Disney dresses out there, but you will have glitter on you, on the doll (her legs are purple and glittery :D), and anything the dress touches, it has glitter on it.  Anyway, moving on.

Umm...OW.  Well, here's the main reason why I want to exchange her for another one.  Her elbow joint is broken on the one side - I'm pretty sure I didn't break it, because I'm always careful with that.  It was able to be pushed back up in where it was supposed to go, but if you try to pose her, the arm will just ooze back down and then pop out of the joint within minutes.  And even then, it won't bend  very far at all - actually, it can bend BACKWARDS practically as far, if not further, than how far it can bend the right direction.  That's just painful.  
And here's an example of how far her good arm can bend vs. how far her broken arm can bend - I had to take this picture super fast because it kept wanting to fall :D  Another thing that I was NOT very pleased about was that the rubber bands that were twisted around her hands and feet left Huge indents that still have not gone away :(  I don't mind that as much though, as opposed to the broken arm!  But I still wasn't happy to pull out a brand new doll and have it broken, some unexplained short hairs, and serious indents on the hands and feet!  Really hoping I can exchange her and get one in a little better shape...
Anyway, on to Flynn.

Here's the back of Flynn's box - his is the same as Rapunzel's, only it has a quick intro as to what Rapunzel's story is, as opposed to a quick intro as to what Flynn's story is.  Anyway..
Here he is, free of his plastic shackles.  Gotta love that grin!  There's not really much to report on here; he has rubbery boots, brown pants, a blue vest and a white shirt.  They had rubber bands twisted around his wrists that left some marks, too, but they're not as noticeable because they didn't cut in as far for some reason, and also his shirtsleeves cover them - maybe they put his handcuffs on too tight in the movie, and they left marks? :P  
Now for a quick little photoshoot.  Rapunzel is very nice to take pictures of!

Pretty gal

Profile view

Rapunzel & Flynn

A comparison between last year's mold, Wedding Rapunzel, and this year's mold.  New Rapunzel 's head looks kind of bigger than the Wedding Rapunzel's head.

Wedding Rapunzel with Flynn...a favorite picture of mine, until I noticed...if they're dancing, he's going to trip her or something, because his boot is on her dress!  Oh well.  :P  
And then I set the camera down after taking that picture, and saw this, and had to take a picture.

Doesn't it look like New Rapunzel's kind of, like, jealous of Wedding Rapunzel?  
No fighting, girls... :D

Anyway - as far as Rapunzel's appearances go, (the dress, mold, etc), I would give her a 9.5 out of 10.  The .5 point deduction is because her lips aren't exactly a natural color, and her dress isn't 100% accurate to the movie (I would LOVE to get my hands on a dress from the 1st edition 12" doll..*sigh* oh well!) Flynn I would give a 9 out of 10; just because his satchel is basically just a piece of fabric hanging from his vest, and his vest had kind of a funky feel to it, fabric material wise.(then again, I can't stand how some things feel.  Microfiber? NO.  Just no.  :D)  

I would absolutely recommend them, though - hopefully nobody else gets a Rapunzel that's as weird as what mine was...I contacted the Disney Store today asking about how to go about doing an exchange, so hopefully I'll get another one soon...*another sigh* lol.  If anyone gets the Rapunzel, I'd love to hear from you; just curious if the other ones are just as flimsy/defective as mine!

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