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The Art of Tangled book review

Hey guys!!  So sorry it's been a week (and a day) since I last posted!  :(  I've been incredibly, we'll be doing a review of my 'The Art of Tangled' book.  It's not a doll review, but it's such a beautiful book.  And it's Disney related, and that's always good, right?! ;)
Anyway, let's get on to the book...
Here's the dust cover.  You can tell it's pretty worn...and that's because I've gone through it so many times!  :D  I love the artwork on funny!  :D
Underneath the dust cover, the book is hardback, purple, and the front has the kingdom sun emblem on it.  

The first thing you see when you open up the book is all these awesome sketches!!

Turn the page and you see another sketch.  This was actually used in the back artwork of the DVD case.  

Claire Keane's artwork is scattered throughout the book, for backgrounds as well as some actual sketches, etc.  She is such a good artist, and her father is, too!  

The Girl in the Tower"  
Gives a very brief overview of the production of the movie, etc., as well as a summary of the actual Grimm fairytale.  

"Once Upon a Time...and Time Again - The Many Lives of Disney's TANGLED" gives insight as to the production, again. 

"Creating a Credible Fantasy" goes into the aesthetics of the movie.  And I LOVE the concept art on the side.  It's so sweet!  :D  

"The Tower - A Luxurious Prison" gives details and concept art of the tower.  

Some BEAUTIFUL drawings of the murals Claire Keane drew.  So pretty!  I entertain myself by trying to find the hidden sun emblems scattered throughout the mural work on this page...hey, it's something to do when you have nothing else to do!  

And now for Rapunzel.  There are several pages giving information on her design, sketches, and concept art.  Can I just say this:  GORGEOUS!  

And then there's the same thing for Mother Gothel, only fewer pages....

And Eugene/Flynn.  Includes information on the "Hot guy conference"...too funny!!  

Annd the Stabbington brothers get a spotlight too!

And Maximus.  Some of the expressions in his concept art just kill me!  
Oh, and they do include Pascal...I can't believe I didn't get a picture for him!  :D

"The Snuggy Duckling - Little Roadhouse in the Big Woods".  

You can find a good deal of information on the Snuggly Duckling and character names and drawings of ALL the pub thugs.  

"The Kingdom - A Benevolent Monarchy" Gives information on the Kingdom, including what actual, real - life location was the inspiration for the kingdom design for Corona.  

Oh, and they give quite a few storyboards, as well. 

The King and Queen...plenty of sketches and info on their characters, as well.  

Let's not forget about the lanterns...GORGEOUS.  

"Ever After - Eternal Fairy Tales, the Disney Culture, and the Alchemy of Filmmaking" is basically like an afterword.  

Wedding dress ideas, concept art, etc. 

And the last page is this sketch, which was used for the DVD cover artwork.  

And the STUNNING concept artwork that was used for the back of the dust cover.  

Overall, I would DEFINITELY recommend this book; it's just gorgeous and I learned a lot in this book.  If you're obsessed with I'll definitely like it.  It's about twenty-six dollars from Amazon, but it's definitely cheaper than getting it anywhere else!  It's well worth it, too, in my humble opinion.  

Any comments/questions?  Do you have this book?  If you do, what do you think about it?  

I'll have a review up for The Art of Brave up sometime - another good book!  I'm really hoping that there's a 'The Art of Frozen' for the Disney movie coming November 27th...I'm really excited for Frozen!  If they do have a 'The Art of Frozen' book, I'll be sure to buy it and review it! =D  

On that note, are you excited for Frozen, too?!  

Another thing is that the Disney store is starting to come out with some of the Fairytale Designer collection items; there was a set of all the dolls available for preorder for an astronomical amount; but I think they're already sold out.  Fear not, the actual individual sets of dolls haven't come out yet.  They also have mugs, journals, lithographs, purses, etc.  (:  

Talk to you all soon!  Hope you enjoyed this review!  

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