Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New photostory blog is officially up + upcoming posts!

Hey guys!  
There will be more posts coming soon!  I finally got the pics for a Liv doll review I wanted to do, so that will be one; also, an adventure on how I customized my one doll will be posted....an adventure, it was!  xD  I probably won't be able to get it up this week, though, unless I do it tomorrow or Thursday - my weekend will be SO busy.  It seems like my weekends are gonna be busy clear through November...'tis the season, right?  I'll try to keep you guys up to date on fresh reading, though!  =) 

Also, I don't know if I told you guys or not, but my "Life of a Disney Gal" photostory blog came to a close earlier this month.  If you want to view the blog, which Rapunzel left up in case anyone wanted to re-read it, click here.  ;)  Annnd, with the end of one chapter begins a new chapter! There's another photostory blog that was just started up today; called "All Awkward Rapunzel"; which you can view by clicking HERE.  Different characters, story, etc., but the same dolls - of course.  (I hope that made sense.  You'll get the idea.  xD) 

So anyway...that's about it!  Oh, and only 28 days until Frozen is released in theaters!! Can't wait!!  Who's going to see it in theaters?  I'll probably wait till it comes out on DVD...which is gonna be super hard!  =P

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Frozen Elsa 12" Disney Store doll review

Hey everyone!  (: 
So today I finally got the Frozen Elsa review finished. Here it is!   Sorry it took me this long to get it up!

Here's our lovely gal, fresh out of the box.  She has very pale skin, bright red lips, purple eyeshadow, and stunning blue eyes.  She has pale blond hair, thickly gelled into the style she has right now - except for the braid. 

Her cape has two tiny plastic tag thingies securing it to her dress, so you have to snip them in order to let her cape out in its full glory.  Her outfit is GORGEOUS. 

She has plain, plastic blue flats.  It would've been really awesome if they could've done clear plastic heels like the ice heels she has in the trailer previews...but these are cool too :P   She also has the 2012 model joints.  Her legs are just slightly bowed, but it doesn't affect her.  Which is awesome. 

Back of her dress is fastened with Velcro.  It's EXTREMELY tight, so tight that the Velcro will hardly shut!  But it stays once you get it on her.

Her cape, spread out . 

Detail of the cape...It's just beautiful.  I can't say enough about her dress and cape!  It's really glittery, and the bodice is coated in glitter, but they seem to be holding well and not shedding the glitter everywhere - which is an awesome plus!

Her gelled-down hair.  I ended up fiddling around with the locks that were gelled, and I was able to get them up a bit and into a style more like the one in the promotional pictures. 

She also has her braid rubber-banded to her arm...I removed the band. 

And here she is with her sister, Anna! 

Two pretty gals (=

"Don't come near me!" (Although, her face is a bit too happy for this caption from the trailer)

"Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore...let it go, let it go, turn away and slam the door!"  (I LOVE how this one turned out!)

"I came for you!" 

And a couple bonus pics:

Anna in Elsa's dress....oooh pretty, right? :P 

2013 Rapunzel in Anna's outfit...Adorable! 

And the best:  2010 Rapunzel in Elsa's gown.  Oh my goodness, she looks perfect, doesn't she??! 

Overall, I give Elsa a 5 out of 5 stars.  She is movie accurate, GORGEOUS, her dress is awesome, her articulation isn't bad, and did I mention she's movie accurate and gorgeous?  :P  I would highly reccomend her to anyone!  One note, though - it's a bit tricky to get her sleeves back on once the dress has been taken off..you can't rush, or you might poke a hole into the sleeve.  I came close a couple of times xD 

So, what do you think of the 12" Frozen Anna and Elsa dolls?  If you want to go look over the Anna review again, click HERE. 

Are you planning to get any of them?  Do you have any of them already?  And who's excited for the movie?  I know I am!!  One month, 5 days until it's released in theaters!!  ;)

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Hey everyone!!

There's a new Frozen trailer out!!!!!!!!!!!!  You can view it by clicking this lovely little link riiight HERE. 

I cannot wait for this movie; it seems absolutely stunning and GORGEOUS and so dramatic!!!
This new trailer's pretty awesome, too!  Elsa speaks, finally!  And Anna sings! 

What did you think of the trailer?  Only one month, ten days till Frozen hits theaters! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Frozen Anna review

Hey everyone! So much for a non-busy week. My sister in law had to have some emergency surgeries this week, and so we've been watching my baby niece. But this evening I was able to slap together a review for the 12" Anna doll from Frozen. Elsa's review will be coming after! (:

Anna & Elsa in their boxes

Backs of the boxes

Anna, freed from her plastic prison!  The box background is lovely artwork of the kingdom of Arendelle. 

Her cape has two hearts and shuts using a hook and a loop; both plastic.  This can come off quite easily, but it can be put back on just as easily. 
Also, she has freckles!!!  Adorable freckles!  But her eyes are more greenish than blue....which, in the movie, her eyes will be blue, like her sister's: 

As you can see in this promotional poster released by Disney.

But regardless.  =D 

Whilst in the middle of the review, this lovely little incident occured:

I was literally thinking, "Oh, look how adorable those gloves-well, that isn't right." 
Her arm fell right out of the joint and plopped onto the chair that I had the dolls set up on. 
So I ended up getting a replacement...thank goodness for customer service! xD 

Her bright pink cape.

Those adorable gloves...which leave stains. 
Trust me. 
They leave stains. 
On my replacement Anna, the gloves were starting to leave blue stains on the vinyl, even though there were little plastic things in there, I suppose to keep them from staining; but those don't help when they're crammed down at the bottom and not around the fingers at all! 

But regardless; here's Anna in her ADORABLE outfit!
I thought it was a single piece dress; but no - the skirt and the top are separate!  (: 

And let's talk about those adorably cute boots. 
They're a bit tricky to get off the first time; but after that, they're easily taken on and off.  And talk about adorable?!  Oh my goodness!  Where can I find cowboy boots with designs like that?? 
Oh, and now that I'm done having a "squee" moment over her boots...as you can see, they have the articulation of the 2012 dolls. 
Neither Elsa nor Anna's legs were bad, though - yayy!!!  :D

And her hat is removable; held on by a couple stitches (Be extremely careful when snipping them.  They're sooo close to the hair, I was terrified to remove it...but you know me...it had to come off. :D)

Her white streak

And that adorable face!  (:
Overall, I give Disney a 4 out of  5 stars on Anna. 
She's ADORABLE, and seems to be pretty decently made; however, they coulda at least made her eyes the right color...but that's just me being movie-correct. 

Are you planning on getting any of the Frozen merchandise?  What do you think of Anna?  Feel free to drop a comment! 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Rise of the Guardians review

Hey everyone!  So here's that Rise of the Guardians review I keep promising xD

In the review, I'll probably shorten the name of it to its' acronym, RotG, so if you don't know what that means, you know now!  (: 
I'll try not to include many spoilers, although it may be hard!
The movie starts with the words "Darkness.  That's the first thing I remember.  It was dark, and it was cold, and I was scared."  And it shows Jack Frost coming up out of the ice in a pond. 
It moves on to show him finding out about his powers - to create gorgeous snow, ice, and frost, with simply a touch.  His emotions control the weather, so snow can start up at any time, or frost on a window can appear. 
The wind can pick him up at any time, and he can fly to any destination he pleases - but once the wind dies down, he falls, so he can't *actually* fly on his own.  Anyway, the movie shows him wandering into a colonial town (his actual hometown), and he realizes that nobody can see him. 
Then, the movie skips ahead 300 years, and shows the North Pole, at Santa's workshop.  Now, Santa isn't called Santa in the movie - he's North.  He also has a Russian accent (the actor who voices him is Alec Baldwin) and he has two tattoos - a "Naughty" on one arm and a "Nice" on the other; and he wields swords.  Not your typical, storybook Santa there!  His helpers are not only elves, but also Yetis. 
Pitch Black is the villain in this movie (the boogeyman).  He can turn into black sand (nightmare sand) or disappear suddenly.  In the movie, he makes his way into Santa's  workshop, which also holds the globe.  The globe has lights everywhere on all the countries, showing how many children believe in the Guardians.  Of course, Pitch's priority in the movie is to make all the children so fearful that they stop believing int he Guardians.  Anyway, Pitch shows up at the workshop, and so North signals all the other Guardians to come to the workshop.  He signals them using the Aurora Borealis - definitely cool.  :D 

Anyway, the other guardians....the toothfairy isn't necessarily 100% Tinkerbell-fairy.  She's actually got beautiful, colorful feathers covering her all except for her face and her hands; but she has fairy-like wings.  Her little helpers actually look like hummingbirds.  The toothfairy isn't called 'the toothfairy'; her name is Toothania, or Tooth.  Her helpers collect all the childrens' baby teeth and store them in little boxes, and then they protect and look over each box - the teeth supposedly contain each childs' childhood memories. 
The Easter bunny is definitely a huge surprise.  He's called Bunnymund, or Bunny; is 6' 1" tall, has an Australian accent, wields a boomerang, and is basically the polar opposite of what you'd expect from an Easter bunny.  Like, he's "a master of Tai Chi".  He works alone; and he and Jack have had a spiteful relationship since "Easter of '68", when Jack supposedly causes a snowstorm on Easter Sunday; causing Bunny to have a rough time of it, getting all the Easter eggs out for kids for the egg hunts.   
The sandman is actually a little guy made of 'dream sand'.  He can't talk, so he makes pictures over his head with his sand to depict what he wants to say....which usually go unnoticed. 

In the movie, Pitch Black steals all the childrens' baby teeth from Tooth's palace.  Jack finds out that his box of baby teeth is in the mix, and, since he's been having a problem finding a place in his newly-found job as a Guardian, he decides that, in order to find out why the Moon chose him to be a Guardian, he has to get the teeth back himself. 

The movie is pretty vague about the locations; but it keeps coming back to one location in particular; Jack's home - right down to the pond.  (I won't include why the pond is important). 

The movie shows Jack's growth.  He goes from an immature, fun-loving 17 or 18 year old guy, to being devoted, fun-loving, and sure of himself.  He faces manipulation, bad decisions, questioning his place in the world, and has a hard time understanding why nobody believes in him. 

You see, if someone doesn't believe in the Guardians, they're invisible.  It's the same way for Pitch. 

Jack, naturally, has a very hard time understanding why, no matter what he does for them, kids don't see him.  Bunnymund tends to give him an especially hard time about this in the beginning.  In several instances, you can see Jack's eyes tear up or he just gives a totally exasperated expression, like he's just wondering why he even tries anymore...and you can't really blame him, either - really!  Spend 300 years without anyone being able to see or hear you, but you can see and hear them?!  Poor kid. 

Anyway...the movie ends with Jack finally being believed in, and he finally understands why he was chosen to be a Guardian.  The ending says "I am Jack Frost.  How do I know that?  The Moon told me so.  If the moon tells you something, believe it." 

That's what I kinda have a problem with - the few instances where they refer to the Man in the Moon, or "Manny", as North calls him.  It might just be me, but I don't exactly like the idea that this movie instills the idea that the Man in the Moon is the reason why you have all holidays, why you're protected by something, and that it communicates with you.  Butttt that might just be me.  I won't go too far into detail about it though, so as to not cram my Christianity down anyone's throats xD

Ahhh....let's see...

As far as little kids watching the movie, it might be a little iffy.  There are several instances where it gets really scary - like when Pitch's shadows surround Jack and Jack breaks down; when Pitch disappears and reappears without a moments' notice, and also in one scene, which contains major spoilers so I won't say anything :P  I know that my toddler nephew wouldn't be able to watch it; and if I woulda watched it as a young kid, I would probably have had nightmares forever. Another thing that may creep little kids out is that Pitch never really is defeated.  He's simply dragged back into his underground lair by his Nightmares. 

So....aside from those two things - the Moon references and Pitch, I thought this movie was awesome!  I was pretty skeptical of it when I first saw trailers of it, but now it's one of my absolute favorite movies.   I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars, basically shaving half a point off for those two things, but otherwise?  It's a really good movie.  It can also teach kids to, even if someone's trying to manipulate them, not break under pressure. 

So yeah...that's basically the condensed, non-spoiler version of Rise of the Guardians!!  If you want to go through my Pinterest board dedicated to Rise of the Guardians, which you can view if you click HERE.  (I actually have a ton of other boards for Disney stuff, doll stuff, drawing, etc so feel free to check my whole account out xD) 

List of the actors/actresses who voiced the characters: 

Chris Pine - Jack Frost
Alec Baldwin - North
Hugh Jackman - Bunny
Isla Fisher - Toothania
Jude Law - Pitch Black

For the Wikipedia page on RotG, click HERE. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

More eBay listings up, some other things, and I AM working on the RotG review, I promise.

Hey everyone!

There are more eBay listings up....My BFC Ink Addison *still* has not sold, and one of the Baby Faces is up right now (or will be once it gets relisted).  We also have some McDonalds toys up - Hello Kitty, 25th anni of My Little Pony, American Idol and Disney Princess, so if you're into collecting any of that stuff, feel free to check it out HERE.  We'll probably have a lot more McDonalds toy lots up as the others sell, because we have eighty to put in lots and sell.  No joke.  Over the course of several years....I guess you collect a lot of small toys given with meals. xD 

I AM working on the Rise of the Guardians review post, I promise....so it should hopefully be up within the week. 

And after I finish up my RotG review post, I will be putting up the Anna and Elsa Frozen doll reviews too!
And then we'll have a bunch of comparison posts to do. 

Another thing is that I'm going to be customizing a couple of dolls here soon, so I'll post about THAT, too!  xD 

On another note, Rapunzel from Life of a Disney Gal has informed me that she will stop blogging here sometime soon.  Read THIS post to read more about what's going on...but if you've never read her blog before, you might want to catch yourself up first xD 

Let's see....this week doesn't seem like it's gonna be horribly busy; I have a meeting this evening, but other than that it seems good, so hopefully I'll be able to get some blogging done!  Well, it's not busy, aside from the fact that I'm rearranging and cleaning my room.  Again.  xD

Sooo yeah!  That's about it for today...thanks for hanging in there guys =D 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to Downy dunk your Barbie-sized Rapunzel's hair (:

Hey everyone (:
Before we get to the subject of this post, I just wanted to say...
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  You guys rock.  Over 1500 views and 5 followers??  You guy are just awesome.  Thank you soooo much!! =]  I'm so excited.  I never thought I'd have this many views and five of you following me!!!  (: (:

I could go on and on and share my excitement even further, but I figure you don't want to hear about that...:P So.......I ended up doing a fabric softener dunk on my 12" 2011 Rapunzel, because her hair was kind of frizzy. 
Normally, I would just fill up the sink, dangle her over the side, and let her hair soak, but since that's a lot of water for a little bit of hair...I used a red solo cup. 
(Country song listeners out there:  Red solo cup, I lift you up, let's have a party...let's have a party... (Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith).  Now that'll be stuck in your head..you're welcome! ;)  I hate that song but it's catchy xD)

I just filled the cup about 2/3 of the way with steaming HOT water, put a drizzle of (Well...actually, come to think of it, I didn't do a fabric softener dunk cause we were out  of fabric softener!  I used regular shampoo, and it worked well!)  shampoo in it (but you could use fabric softener as well), and then submerged her hair into the water.  I filled the cup almost the rest of the way up with hot water, and then I set it on the counter.  As for miss Rapunzel, I wrapped her up in a washcloth and sat her down up against the cup, where she stayed with her hair soaking for about 2-3 hours.  And she got her hair rinsed out very well, brushed out, and then left to dry.  Her hair is so much nicer now!!! (: 

Just an idea for anyone who has 12" dolls that need Downy dunks, but you don't want to waste a bunch of water to soak them. 
Any ideas/comments?  Have any of you tried this before? 

Quick pop in

Hey everyone! 
I got my Frozen dolls Wednesday, but since I pulled Anna out of the box with a broken elbow joint (her arm literally disconnected from the elbow joint and fell onto the chair I had her sitting on, when I was in the middle of taking pictures of her.  I was like "oh my goodness, look at her adorable little gloves--OH.  Well that's not normal."  xD  Sooo, I'm waiting to do a review until my replacement comes from Disney, which should be coming pretty soon.  Reviews for both will be up once she comes, and hopefully she'll be in better shape than the last one. 

I'm hoping to get my ROTG review up soon as well...
And I'm hoping to get that how-to post up soon, like maybe today?  We'll have to see. 

Also...more eBay ads up this week, HERE.    Addison's still available...I have her set for $21.99 bidding, because that's pretty much what I paid for her...do you guys think that's too much?  BFC Ink prices have been back up lately, so I didn't think it was that much, but I'd appreciate some other opinions if anyone has any!  [=