Saturday, January 31, 2015

Book Review: The Art of Big Hero 6

Hey everyone!  Today we'll be looking at The Art of Big Hero 6.  It's really a great book and my pictures/description just doesn't do it justice. 

When you take the dust jacket off, the hardcover is black with BH6 printed on it, like so. 

The concept art in the front of the book. 

It's laid out almost like a comic book with the text boxes and the text font used.  It's really neat!  They also include a list, not show here, of all the artists whose work is displayed in the book.  It's a long list.  Really super long. 

"The World of Big Hero 6" is a really big section in the book.  It covers the designs for SFIT, San Fransokyo, apartments, the Lucky Cat Cafe, Krei's buildings, so on and so forth.  There's a lot of structural/architectural things covered in the book. 

The page announcing the section "The Characters of Big Hero 6" displays the team with and without their superhero suits. 

...And they also include other concept ideas; a lot of them.  Almost all the characters are covered in the book.  All of the team characters, Tadashi, Aunt Cass, Krei and Callaghan, Baymax, bot-fighters, etc.  They have a lot of really, really neat information about how the tech in the movie works.  This includes Baymax and his charging station, Wasabi's lasers, Honey Lemon's purse, etc.  As a person who always asks "why" and "how", I loved these sections because they explained how fictional sci-fi stuff could work!  It's SO COOL. 

The "Cinematography" section covers a lot of different things such as color keys and mood with color, but it also includes information on an all-new technology that Disney used for the first time with Big Hero 6.  The program enables a photograph to be rendered into an animated movie; can have one light source listed and it will display a lighting key, etc.  I can't really explain it well, but it's fascinating and it's amazing how far animation has come! 

Examples of the parts in the book that describe how something works.  Wasabi's lasers, in this case.

Back concept art. 

Back of the book's dust jacket. 

I highly, highly recommend The Art of Big Hero 6.  It's very nicely done and has a plethora of information, be it how things work or different concept art.  A lot of the characters could have looked very different, so it's really interesting to see how the characters developed over time.  I have to give it a 10/10. 

Is anyone planning on getting The Art of Big Hero 6?  Has anyone read it already? 

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