Friday, June 14, 2013

Mattel Rapunzel doll review

Hi everyone!
First off, thank you soo much!  The blog has almost 200 pageviews - thank you sooooo much!  I never thought I would even get ONE hundred pageviews!!  I'm really excited right now! :P

Also, earlier this week, the Disney Store came out with the new 2013 Disney  Princess line. The dolls are absolutely GORGEOUS!  I was able to snag a Rapunzel and a Flynn; the review for them will be up as soon as I receive them in the mail!
If you'd like to take a look at the new dolls, Never Grow Up by beastsbelle has an awesome post about them here (I'd recommend taking a look at the blog anyway - it is awesome!!!)

Anyway; let me get to the topic of this post - a review on the Mattel Rapunzel doll I have.
Here she is:  She comes with a tiara, shoes, the dress shown, a little barrette hair extender, and a hairbrush (I didn't include the hair extender and brush in here because they were in a box..under a rather sizable pile of junk...sorry xD)  Anyway.  Here's the lovely gal:
She is petite compared to normal Mattel Barbies or even the Disney Store Wedding Rapunzel.  She does not have jointed arms, just the bendable Barbie knees.  

She has hair that reaches to her feet.  It's very silky!  It's got a bit of a wave to it because I'd had it in a braid.

Her cheerful face.  She doesn't have freckles, which isn't exactly movie accurate, but in the movie, the freckles were very faint, sooo that doesn't bother me much. (I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to movie accuracy xD)  Anyway, she has an adorable face regardless!

Her bodice on the dress.  While she does not have 3/4 sleeves like in the movie, she has short, striped sleeves and a bodice like in the movie.

The skirt of her dress.  I've had her roughly a year and she's pretty sturdy; of course, she hasn't had young kids playing with her, but I think she'd be pretty sturdy for kids to play with.

Her tiara.

She is very slim and petite, kind of like a cross between Skipper and Barbie; she's slightly smaller than the normal 12" dolls (not sure what her exact measurement is).  

Her long shiny hair

She can sit and cross her ankles - this is how I normally display her (only, she's clothed of course, when she's on display xD)

Her profile view..this reminds me of the part in the movie when Rapunzel just realized she's the lost princess, and she's leaning up against the wall breathing heavily before she confronts Gothel.  

And now for a quick little photoshoot:

Oh, this picture also shows the faint, glittery eyeshadow she has.

Overall, she is an adorable little doll and would be a nice addition to anyone's collection, or for kids to play with, of course.  Her face kind of puts me in the mind of a slightly younger Rapunzel than the 18 year old Rapunzel portrayed in the movie, but maybe that's just me! (:  

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